Madison Police Foundation to hold second annual ‘Halloween Bash’

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MADISON, Ala.–Halloween isn’t just for kids! The Madison Police Foundation is holding its second annual ‘Halloween Bash’ Friday, October 28th. The bash is open to the public. It will be from 7 pm to 11 pm at the Insanity Skate Park in Madison. Tickets are $40 and they are still available on the Madison Police Foundation’s website, through the police department, or at the doors.

There can be a negative perception of police, and that’s everywhere, but Madison Police Foundation President Chris Townsend said they want to change that, by trading in their badges for a cape and mask. Their Halloween bash is a chance to show people a different side to them.

“We encourage everyone to come out, and yes see these officers not in uniform, but those that are able to just kind of sit back and relax and have conversation,” he said.

The Madison Police Foundation is a non-profit organization, so all proceeds from the bash will go straight back to the community, in the form of self-defense classes, police training, and kids camp.

“We always want to give positive things to our community, and that’s what our foundation’s about, is providing a bridge between the community, the police department, and our neighbors,” said Townsend.

He said it’s all about relationships, which creates a better community. He also hopes to get the word out about the event so that more people can go and have a great time.

“We’re looking for more success this year, I don’t know that we were able to get the word out as much as we’d like to last year, so we look forward to the community coming out,” said Townsend.

Townsend does want to note this is an event for adults, but you can bring your kids and let them enjoy the skate park, while you enjoy the party.

Costumes are optional, but there will be a costume contest, as well as door prizes available.