Madison leaders pass rezoning ordinances to allow new homes to be built


MADISON, Ala. — Madison City Council passed two rezoning ordinances at Monday’s meeting after months of public input.

The first property is Barnett’s Crossing and located south of the Oxford Subdivision and East of Dylan Road. The second property being rezoned is Bellawoods West located on the North Side of Huntsville Brownsferry Road and east of Holladay Blvd.

The city of Madison has just over twenty thousand houses and the two properties being rezoned will add around 250 new homes.

Some residents argue the city can’t handle additional families adding to traffic and overcrowded schools.

“Once this land is rezoned and developed, it’s gone. there is no going back. Our schools are already crowded, our roads are crowded and our public services will need more money,” says resident Jocelyn Broer.

Donnie Spencer has been developing land in Madison for over a decade. He says growth is synonymous with Madison and the two rezoning ordinances would increase revenue for the city.

“Yes there will be a number of homes that will come into the system but they will not cause any more problems than the person who moved here 7 years ago, the person who moved here 9 years ago, or the person who moved here 20 years ago,” says Spencer.

Madison City Schools superintendent Dr. Ed Nichols addressed the council about the city’s growth— and said the schools system will handle whatever the city decides to do.

“I can promise you no matter what you decide we will work tirelessly to educate the children of this community at the standard this community expects of it,” says Dr. Nichols.

But with houses committed for years to come, the school system will continue to grow no matter what.

“You will tell us along with the government of Triana what your future growth plans are, now when all this grows out that has been committed we’ll be at 97% capacity across the district, pretty much everywhere other than the middle school,” says Dr. Nichols.