MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) — Madison city leaders say a large portion of the streets in Madison have a sidewalk on at least one side, but as the city continues to grow – the need for sidewalks is growing with it.

The city says they’ve been working on connectivity in the city of Madison since 2012. Mayor Paul Finley says greenways and sidewalks are critical pieces of the transportation plan that they’ve been building out in Madison.

Dave Palmer walks eight to 10 miles every day. He says he has seen improvements in where he can and cannot walk, but there are still some concerns.

“The east-west walkways are not sufficient and we need to take Wall Triana all the way to 72 to have a decent walkway along Wall Triana, and so those would be my only two major complaints about the walkways,” said Palmer.

The city has implemented sidewalk updates on Wall Triana, Gillespie Road, Bradford Creek and a number of other roads. Mayor Finley says sidewalk plans are part of the city’s zoning rules and require 5-foot wide concrete sidewalks on new developments.

“Sidewalks are in our city ordinance for neighborhoods that are being built and then the sidewalk on the main road is also required. So as we add to infrastructure, we’re trying to get ahead of the game in the instances where we can – while still filling in where we are behind the game in, making sure that we connect where we need to connect,” says Mayor Finley.

While residents want more sidewalks, they say a transit system in Madison would make a big difference.

“Madison needs a way for mass transit to at least connect us to the Huntsville transit system and to get people to work and to the stores here within Madison,” said Palmer.

When it comes to mass transit, the mayor says Madison may never have its own. However, he says the possibility of working with Huntsville to add stops in Madison as they continue to head west is not out of the question.