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MADISON, Ala. – Madison Hospital is part of the Huntsville Hospital System and they recently got a $2.5 million dollar upgrade two operating rooms.

“As our volume here at Madison started to grow, we decided we needed to expand our surgical area. We were granted by the state and by the board to build two new ORs,” says Clinical Manager of Surgical Services, Becky Prosser.

Project managers and leadership decided they wanted to do something innovative.

“They decided to look into this new technology, which is antibacterial, anti-microbial wall coverings. So the walls are completely anti-microbial. They are durable, cost savings with repairs and upkeep and it just creates a nice clean safe space for our patients to come in for the multiple services we provide,” says Prosser.

This gives Madison Hospital the advantage in the fight to decrease infection rates.

“We do a multitude of types of surgeries here. Orthopedics, anything from sports medicine cases to total joint replacements. We do spine surgeries, all kinds of general surgeries. We have a lot of things going on, we have a lot of equipment and with big surgeries come big messes. So it’s really important to have an area that you can clean and sterilize so its safe for the patients”

They updated their equipment in the two operating rooms, along with re-configuring the walls.

“It was about a $75,000 upgrade just to do the walls. Overall it was about a $2.5 million project to build the two suites,” says Prosser.

Prosser says as Huntsville Hospital continues to grow, this will be the future of the operating rooms for Huntsville Hospital Systems.

“The doctors want to be the first to use it and to utilize the new space. So we are using these rooms a little more heavily but thankfully our volume is growing. So we are actually utilizing all of our space here.”