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MADISON, Ala. — Madison Hospital is celebrating its first decade this month with a new campaign to raise money for renovations. The hospital opened ten years ago on February 28, 2012.

According to the hospital, over 9,000 babies have been delivered and 500,000 people have received emergency care there over the past decade.

“There are days that it feels like it’s been ten and there are days that it feels like it just happened,” said Mary Lynn Wright, the president of Madison Hospital.

Because of the pandemic, staff members are celebrating in a new way.

“Things are just still too uncertain in the world of COVID and hospitals so we decided we would kick off with the Foundation – MyHospital campaign,” she said.

The campaign is meant to reflect on the past, and prepare for the future. On the website, it reads: “With your help, we can ensure our hospital has the very best technology, resources, and facilities for us today, the next decade, and beyond.”

Wright says they are hoping to raise enough money to renovate the nursery area.

“Because we’re delivering almost 1,500 babies a year now, our nursery needs to be – it needs to be changed to meet the current times,” said Wright.

She adds that years ago, babies would spend most of the time in the nursery, but now they spend more time in mom’s room. They have also transitioned from a regular nursery to a level two nursery. Wright says this means they can take care of sicker babies, including those in the neonatal intensive care unit.

To renovate the nursery for more privacy, they need help from the community.

While they need between $500,000-$550,000 for the renovation, they received most of that from a grant about a year and a half ago. Now, they need about $150,000 to meet their goal. To donate, you can click here.

“You can buy a brick for the hospital in our healing garden,” said Wright. “You can do things like that to really give back because this is your legacy as well. If your child was born here, what a great way to celebrate them!” One brick in the garden is $100, while a paver is $1,000 and a bench is $5,000.

Wright said Madison Hospital is a community hospital and she wants the community to be part of it.

Wright believes the nursery renovations will help the hospital until the next big addition: growing the labor and delivery department. She says that expansion will probably happen in the next two or three years.