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MADISON Ala (WHNT) — Every student marches to the beat of their own drum–choosing the college they plan to attend.

Jay Sumbery is a senior at Bob Jones High School facing this potentially life-changing decision.

College can be expensive, especially if one plans to travel out of state for education.

Jay hopes to attend Florida A&M–if he can raise the money.

For the past three years, he has put together different initiatives to cultivate the cash to send him to the Sunshine State.

Most notably–roadside concerts.

He and his drum set are set up near the Walmart on Madison Boulevard, where drivers can hear the music.

Now, he loves music and banging the drums. but his real passion is animals.

“I’ve always loved animals since I was young,” Sumbery said, “When I was in the fourth grade, my mom got me into the vet academy, and I learned how to clean dogs and learned the classification and the anatomy for them.”

He plans to pursue veterinary medicine at FAMU–and maybe one day combine music and mammals.

“Hopefully in a couple years, when I have enough money and have gotten though school, I would get a building in Florida and may see people like me who like to play the drums and like to play outside my business,” Sumbery said.

And what kind of business does he have in mind?

“Dogs coming in for checkups, things like that,” Sumbery said.

On top of his drumming, he also has a GoFundMe set up.

Currently, the out-of-state tuition for FAMU is around $35,000.