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MADISON, Ala. – Times have been hard during the pandemic, but a group in Madison is working to help those impacted while also memorializing their community’s strength.

The Madison Visionary Partners call it the Madison River of Hope. It’s a garden made out of painted rocks by different members of the community.

To contribute to the garden, people are asked to make a donation and then paint a river rock with an inspirational word or an individual’s name.

The rock garden will be constructed at Dublin Park where people can stop by and visit.

It’s going to be a message of hope and also a fundraiser or raising some funds that I go to COVID-19 relief so multiple purposes but the big one is just hope,” said Madison City Administrator.

All donations for the project will help those impacted by the pandemic. A closing ceremony will be held for the event sometime next week.

To learn how to get involved, click here.