Madison firefighters share warning about ice-covered ponds, lakes

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MADISON, Ala. – The Madison Fire Department has a warning: stay away from ice-covered bodies of water.

Firefighters had to rescue a woman and her dog from water at an apartment complex on Continental Drive Wednesday night. The woman survived, but we understand the dog didn’t. Firefighters also tell us a child went in the water, but was rescued before they got to the scene.

Now, firefighters are asking the public to pet owners to keep their animals away from the water, and not let them play on any ice that may have formed.

They ask that, should a dog fall through the ice, the owners not rescue them. Instead, they should call 911 and wait for help. “In freezing water temperatures a person can expect to last 15 minutes or less before exhaustion and unconsciousness occurs,” says Madison Fire. “We want to limit any possible injury or death to our citizens and encourage everyone to please be careful around ice covered bodies of water. ”

The good news, the latest forecast says temperatures in the TN Valley should reach above freezing today; maybe even reaching 60 this weekend.

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