Water your tree! Madison Fire & Rescue hosts Christmas tree safety demonstration


MADISON, Ala. – If you bought a live Christmas tree this year, pay attention! This is important.

Madison Fire & Rescue spent the morning showing our team why you have to keep your tree watered.

The dry tree they used to demonstrate how fast flames can spread engulfed the makeshift room in a matter of seconds.

Officials say it’s important to check your tree base every day and make sure it’s staying hydrated.
Because if it’s dry, then comes in contact with any number of heated items, it could become a life-threatening situation.

Ryan Gentry with Madison Fire & Rescue warns especially against candles. He says those being in close contact with holiday decorations is one of the leading causes of fires during the season.

He adds while you’re making sure your tree is hydrated, go ahead and check your smoke detectors too, and confirm they have batteries and are working, so in case of an emergency, help can get to you ASAP.

“Christmas, the holidays are a great time to spend with family, and we want everybody to enjoy every moment of that, and safety has to be at the forefront of everybody’s mind so that everybody can enjoy that and we’re not dealing with a tragedy during the holidays,” Captain Gentry said.

One last thing: no matter if the tree is real or fake, never go to bed at night without unplugging your tree lights and turning off heated items kept nearby like a space heater, candles, or anything similar.

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