MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — The Madison County School System (MCSS) has announced it will hold a special meeting Tuesday to address the “disruption” at Friday’s Hazel Green/Sparkman High School Football game.

In a post on social media, the school system announced that the Madison County Board Of Education (MCBOE) will hold a special meeting at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday at the MCBOE Central Office to address the incident that the system has previously referred to as a disruption.

“During this meeting, we will discuss the incident further, the actions leading up to Friday evening, and release how we will ensure the safety of those playing and in attendance moving forward,” the post said.

The school system thanked the public for giving it time to thoroughly analyze the scope of the activities that led to the suspension of the game. MCSS said it shares parents’ disappointment at not being able to watch their children compete due to what it called “the unthinkable actions of very few.”

According to the school system’s statement on Friday, the disruption took place when during the game, a large number of students in an open area of the south end of the stadium at Sparkman High School began running and causing a major disruption. The school system said this happened on two separate occasions during the game. MCSS said Sunday that it can now share more information as the investigation into the incident continues.

“We can share what we know as definites as we continue investigating this disruption with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, Madison County School Resource Officers, and school and district administrators,” The system said. “There were NO weapons used or shown during the incident. We can also share that there were NO physical altercations or injuries. We also want to share that the incident was caused by individuals who wanted to strike fear in the crowd.”

On the night of the incident, both MCBOE President Nathan Curry and Board Member Heath Jones released statements expressing their frustration and disappointment with the disruption.

Jones specifically said he, Curry and Board Member Bill Byrd are in discussions with administrators at Sparkman High School and Hazel Green High School to see how situations like that of Friday night can be prevented in the future.