Madison County School Board approves COVID-19 relief plan to help employees in quarantine


MADISON COUNTY, Ala.- The Madison County School Board passed a new COVID-19 Relief Plan on Thursday as a measure to take care of employees who must quarantine due to the virus.

The programs in place to support taking care of salary and income expired at the end of the 2020, but Madison County Schools designed a plan to take care of their employees who must miss work.

“When our faculty and staff members are quarantined we want to make sure we are able to supply the needs they have while we still supply the needs of our students,” says Superintendent Allen Perkins.

The school system’s plan includes four tiered options for those who must isolate due to COVID-19. The first is working from home.

“Can the principal attest to the fact they can do 70% or more of their job responsibilities at home? If that option is available then what we do at that point is we move them to the work from home,” says Personnel Director Ken Kubik.

The second option is job related quarantine.

“Whether it was an exposure to a student or an exposure to a colleague, did it happen at school? Is there a probability it is school related?” says Kubik.

The third option is non-job related quarantine, when someone is ordered to isolate for COVID-19 but it is not contact traced to their job.

“If they have not used the sick days that were mandated prior to.. Under the FFCRA prior to December 31 if they had not used those is what we are going to do is allow them to use those days during this time period,” says Kubik.

If those sick days are expired or exhausted, the last option is using leave time.

“At that point they will no longer be in option c they will drop down to option d which is they will have to use their own leave,” says Kubik.

Madison County Schools says the decision for which tier an employee falls in will be decided on an individual basis.

The district stresses that employees must follow all safety protocols and health guidelines to qualify for this assistance. If an employee is not taking the protocols seriously, then disciplinary action can be administered.

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