Madison County 911 dispatcher loses home to fire, friends raise nearly $3,000

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MADISON, Ala. – Just a few days before Tama Pearson was set to retire as a 911 dispatcher for the Madison Police Department, she overheard a call that would change her life.

The call was about a home that had caught fire. She heard the address and realized it was her address. She rushed home to find it had been destroyed.

Madison Police Captain John Stringer explained when somebody loses their home, a lot more than the property is lost.

“When a home burns it’s not just property, it’s memories, it’s emotion, it’s sentiment, and those are things that are gone forever,” he said.

But when tragedy strikes people come together. Her home is a complete loss but hope is not. Friends have come together to donate to a GoFundMe Page created by Pearson’s friend Daniel Weaver.  After just one day, they were able to raise more than $3,000.

Stringer said setting an example and helping their own is part of the job.

“It’s important for us to take care of our own as an example to the people we serve because if they see us doing the right thing for each other, they know we’re going to do the right thing for them,” Stringer added.

Stringer added doing the right thing is easy when the person is so deserving.

“Tama is a very strong person and as much as I know that this has been very difficult for her,” he continued. “I also know that she’s incredibly resilient. She’s tough and I don’t think that she’s afraid to lean on the people that she’s worked with all these years.”

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