Madison City Schools using spray machine to combat flu

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MADISON, Ala – After a few students and teachers had flu-like symptoms going into the holidays, Madison City Schools is spraying their 12 buildings with a special ionized cleaning solution.

“When the kids came back from Christmas, we haven’t had any cases (flu) that we know of. So we thought we’d go ahead and be proactive and put it out there now. If there’s germs brewing, we can kill them off,” said Bonnie Davis, the head nurse of the Madison City School District.

The chemical itself doesn’t stick and is harmless to children. However, it does kill most germs and bacteria on contact.

Madison City Schools purchased two sprayers about a year ago for under $3,000. The district believes the spray is truly making a difference and keeping students and staff in school.

“Wiping down desks is great and wiping down door handles. But it is just hard to get all the nitty-gritty toys and all the surfaces. This (the spray) lasts longer,” said Davis.

The Centers for Disease Control admits flu season started early and has the potential to match the dangers seen between 2017-2018.

61,000 Americans died that flu season.

The school district has offered flu shots to parents and their families with what the district says has been a great success.

If a student has a headache or shows signs of the flu, Madison City will send the student home with instructions for parents.

“We send them home and they are not to return to school for 24-hours past the last temperature without Advil or Ibuprofen,” said Davis.

The district says health professionals also make rounds to the younger classrooms to teach the importance of handwashing.

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