Madison City Schools release reentry plan that includes masks


MADISON, Ala. – Madison City Schools released its plan for students to return to school this fall. The district’s fall 2020 reentry plan outlined recommendations for students that choose to either return to the classroom or learn remotely.

Families have until 5 p.m. on July 24 to fill out the Madison City Schools Learning Intent form to declare whether their student will participate in school-based or virtual learning.

Start Date

Students that choose to return to school will follow a staggered start. Only students whose last names begin with A-J will attend August 10. Then, the students whose last names begin with K-R will attend on August 11. Students whose last names begin with S-Z will attend August 12. All in-person students will attend together on August 13.


All students, employees and visitors will be required to wear a mask within school buildings, regardless of social distancing. Visitors will be required to call the front office before entering the building and be screened.

Masks will also be required on school buses. The plan says the system cannot guarantee 6-feet of social distancing on the bus.

Classroom Accommodations

The plan also included the installation of plexiglass between student desks and in front offices to protect from exposure. All student desks will not be guaranteed six feet of social distancing the entire day.

Lunch Guidance

A number of options were identified in the reentry plan for lunches. Those options include the possibility of serving meals in classrooms. If meals are served in cafeterias, suggestions include spaced seating, using outdoor seating, floor markings to show traffic patterns, prepackaged boxes or bags of food and use of disposable plates and utensils.

Virtual Learning

Students that decide to learn virtually will use Schoology. Devices and wifi hot spots will be made available for students and teachers based on need.

Students may transfer from the virtual model to the school-based model at the end of each 9 week grading period for elementary students and at the end of each semester grading period for 6-12th grade students.

If a student cannot be at school due to illness or quarantine the student will follow virtual instruction guidelines

Blended Approach

In the case the district has to operate at 50 percent capacity, a blended approach will be taken. Students will be divided into two groups, most likely alphabetically, and alternate between school-based and virtual instruction during the week.

Task Force

A reenty taskforce was created to provide input on the proceduress to reopen schools. Additional phases are expected in the upcoming weeks. The taskforce is made up of 50 members including, students, teachers, parents, principals and district administrators.

The Complete Plan

The above story is a summation of the overall reentry plan sent out by Madison City Schools. The entire plan includes other areas of concern not mentioned here as well as more detail into protecting the vulnerable within the school system. To read Madison City School’s complete plan, click here.

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