MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) – Madison City Schools will hold its fall semester mental health fair Monday, September 19 inside the entrance of Midtown Elementary School.

Mental Health Coordinator Stephanie Allen told News 19 that in holding the events each semester, the district is ahead of the curve and is setting the pace for other Alabama districts to follow.

“[But] it’s not just the school system alone. In fact, we can’t do it alone,” Allen said. “We need our community partners. We need the resources that we have in Madison and in the Madison County area. And we certainly need the partnership with parents and caregivers for the students, and students themselves.”

Allen said it’s important for students of any grade level to realize they’re not alone when at school, and that their academic future can’t be possible without first being supported mentally.

“This is a showcase of student voices. We need to hear from these students. We need to know what they think of mental health, how they think of mental health, and how we can help support them. So we’re really excited about this part as well, because it truly engages our students and gives them a voice. And that’s what we want.”

The fair welcomes parents and students from 5-7 p.m.

Allen said there will also be hands-on activities, games for kids, and food trucks outside for those wanting to grab dinner.

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