Madison City Schools continue hybrid learning after Christmas


MADISON, Ala. – Students in Madison City will remain on the hybrid learning schedule when they return from winter break. Superintendent Ed Nichols made the announcement Thursday night.

“I know the past several weeks of using the hybrid schedule has been arduous for you and taxing on students, but it has allowed us to lessen the effects of the pandemic on the district,” acknowledged Nichols in a statement to parents.

Nichols gave some statistics about the the increase in coronavirus cases leading up to Thanksgiving, saying, “Two weeks prior to Thanksgiving break, we increased from 8 positive tests and 189 quarantined to 59 positive tests and 888 quarantined at the Thanksgiving break.” He said that trend would have required reverting back to a total virtual platform, but the break gave the rates some time to slow down. “Since coming back from the break using the hybrid schedule, we have seen a decrease in our positive cases to 39 and our quarantines to 350 (even during a rise of the infection rate in the community).”

On January 5th, when students return for the semester, Group A students will attend in-person on Tuesday/Wednesday and Group B will attend in-person Thursday/Friday. The school system will evaluate the case numbers early in the week to determine the schedule for the second week back. “However, please make plans for your student if we must maintain the hybrid schedule for the second week,” requested Nichols in his notice to parents.

He closed by thanking parents for their support and wished everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. He said he knows the semester has left everyone fatigued, but he hopes that the holiday season will give families time to renew spirits.

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