Madison City School bus drivers needed

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MADISON, Ala. — Madison City Schools start classes in less than a week. In addition to teachers preparing their classrooms, the Transportation Department is preparing the transportation for students to and from school.

The Madison City Schools Transportation Coordinator says they are on the final touches. “Right now, we are trying to finalize our routes, which in a few of our schools, we’ve had to add additional bus routes because of the growth.”

The school system has added eight new bus routes and eight new buses. This means more bus drivers are needed.

“If I had my wish come true, we could get 10 more drivers,” says Wilson. “Obviously, things happen so we also need substitute drivers as well.”

To fill those positions, they raised the bar… or billboard. A new billboard campaign was launched hoping to attract some good drivers.

“A perfect candidate is number one, someone who is 21 years of age cause they have to be that, and someone who just enjoys working with people, working with kids,” says Wilson.

The Transportation Department wants to ensure parents they are fully prepared to transport the students. “We will work through any of the little hiccups and obstacles and challenges to ensure that it is a safe and timely manner in which we transport their children to and from home.”

If you are interested in applying to be a bus driver for Madison City Schools, you can contact the transportation department at (256) 774-4613.