Madison City road projects underway

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MADISON, Ala. – If you drive through the city of Madison, it seems to be that no matter what route you take, road construction is everywhere.

“We’re late to the game in increasing our road capacities, but it’s because we grew so fast,” said Madison City Engineer Gary Chynoweth.

The city of Madison has several road projects underway.

“Were just now reaching the point where we are feeling like we can begin to catch up,” said Chynoweth.

Hughes Road will be widened from three lanes to five lanes from Plaza Boulevard to Millsford Drive.

“It’s been on the books for awhile. It’s been designed, bid, the contracts are signed, and work will start, well actually officially they started Monday,” said Chynoweth.

Sullivan Street is also being widened from three lanes to five from Spenryn Drive to Kyser Boulevard. That will start on November 1st. Gary Chynoweth V widening is needed.

“Most of our collector roads, they were just annexed in. They were old farm roads, two-lane roads,” said Chynoweth.

Madison City Engineer Gary Chynoweth says with growth, walkability is crucial. Both widening projects will include sidewalks. Wall Triana Highway will also be getting upgrades.

“Wall Triana will be getting an eight-foot-wide path that goes from Browns Ferry to Gillespie Road,” said Chynoweth.

Chynowweth says these are long term projects. Drivers might experience a little bit of extra congestion during construction times but he says it will all be worth it.

Both Hughes and Sullivan widening are 18-month projects. The multi-use path on Wall Triana has a one year construction period.

“If Sullivan and Hughes become a problem and you’re trying to go south to north to 72 we would recommend you look at traveling Madison boulevard and county line road during this construction,” said Chynoweth.

Chynoweth asks drivers to be patient during the construction.

Future road projects for Madison include improvements to Balch Road and the intersection of Balch and Gillespie. Those are both ALDOT projects the city hopes will get started in 2020.

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