Madison city church members call Shelton Road dangerous

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MADISON, Ala. – Shelton Road intersects with Madison Boulevard, and it's a road many people travel. People who travel it frequently say it can be very dangerous if you're not paying attention. There are several street signs posted, but some people say many drivers don't heed them.

The secretary of Madison Mission Seventh Day Adventist Church, Patricia Jackson, said she sees people flying up and down the curvy road daily.

The suggested speed limit around the s-curve area is 15 MPH. She said police sit in her church's parking lot trying to help with the problem. "They sit over by the mailbox and they catch people," Jackson said.

In years past, there have been several wrecks reported along Shelton Road. The most recent wreck was a single vehicle accident that happened on Sunday night . It claimed the life of a 20-year-old.

Jackson said a nearby business has had to repair their fence several times because of people crashing into it. She wishes people would simply pay more attention to the street signs.

"People need to slow down and take their time. If you are late, call and say 'I`ll be there shortly.' Please slow down," Jackson said. She's hopeful if people slow down, it will save lives.

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