Limestone County community wants speed bumps installed, but county says no

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. – Several limestone county parents say the school bus crash that happened in their neighborhood this week could have been avoided if drivers would just slow down.

Some have spent years asking for speed bumps to be installed on their street.

Ateneh Graham said in the last few years things have gotten worse in her Limestone County neighborhood, Heritage Commons. She said drivers are constantly speeding.

“People coming east and west on Thunderpaw, they are using it as a shortcut to get from Old Railroad Bed to Sanderson and vice versa. They are running through the stop signs. They are not even doing a roll through which, I will almost be people happy if that’s what people did at this point,” Ateneh Graham explained.

Graham isn`t the only concerned mother in the community. “It`s dangerous. I have to watch my kids very, very closely. I don`t even let them check the mailbox,” Erica Ham said.

Erica Ham said people are not going the residential speed limit of 25 miles per hour.

Graham has taken her concerns to her commissioner Steve Turner and County Engineer Bryant Moss. She asked them to install speed bumps.

Moss said speed bumps are too much of a risk and a liability to the county. “It definitely hurts a little bit that we care more about small cars than small children,” Graham said.

The county`s engineer said they`ve added more traffic signs to alert drivers to slow down. “These reflectors are not really doing anything. The stop signs aren`t stopping anything. I have been told this is a law enforcement issue,” Graham explained.

Graham said she`s seen an increase in deputy presence encouraging drivers to slow down, but adds that they can`t be there all the time

The county engineer said speed bumps also make it difficult for emergency responders to drive through the neighborhood.