MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) — Local marching bands play an important role on Friday nights by supporting their school’s football team, but each season, band students prepare for more than just a halftime show.

James Clemons High School (JCHS) Marching Band has seen a lot of success off the football field this year.

The JCHS marching band learns two programs each year. Football fans will be familiar with the show the band performs on Friday nights, but they also have a program for competition.

Marching season starts with band camp in the middle of July.

“A lot of the work we do early on is trying to knock out that football show to get it prepared, so for that first football game, that entire show is ready to perform,” James Clemens Assistant Band Director Brian Sims told News 19. “The competition show usually takes from the middle of September toward the end of September that we finally have that all together. Both the music and the drill that goes with that.”

The title of James Clemens’ competition show this year is “The Subjects of Time.” Band director Keith Anderson said the final message is you can’t fight time, “We win when we appreciate life’s moments.”

“I think everybody kind of relates to that because we all have things that we want to hurry up and get through with,” Anderson said. “We all have things we want to hold onto. As we take time for what it is, and we take advantage of what we’re given, I think everyone can relate to that.”

Anderson said his students have dedicated a lot of time to learning and improving the program.

“There’s been a continual excitement about what we’re doing throughout the season, and we’re still, even approaching the end, work ethic has been really good,” Anderson said. “They’re still maintaining that excitement and still maintaining that effort to improve what we’re doing. It’s been a really great season.”

On Saturday, the JCHS Marching Band competed against 16 bands and was named the Grand Champion at the Tennessee Valley Invitational. The band was also awarded the Charles Stratford Challenge Cup, given to the band with the highest average of the three band judges’ scores.

The JCHS band will next appear at the Peach State Marching Festival on Saturday, Oct. 22 in Rome, Georgia.