James Clemens dance team gives #1 fan a surprise she won’t forget

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MADISON, Ala.– A Madison City Schools fourth-grader recently received a surprise she won’t soon forget, all thanks to some high school students at James Clemens.

Typically at high school football games, the crowd is there to cheer on the football team, but there’s one fan who goes to games to cheer on the James Clemens dance team.

Macie Turner is a special needs student, and she loves the James Clemens high school dance team.

“We live near the stadium so every time she hears the band or the games, we have to go. She tries to learn every one of their moves and tries to do what they do and really looks up to them,” said Macie’s mom Sam Messer.

At the James Clemens versus Vestavia Hills game, Macie received a special invitation.

“We saw her on the other side of the rope. She was dancing really close with us and like following along with our movements and I was like well why don’t we just bring her on up here. She’s looking like she already knows the routines already,” said dance captain Lauren Rogers.

The dancers even gave her James Clemens pom-poms to sport.

“They just took Macie in and loved her from the first time they saw her and made her part of the team,” says Macie’s mom.

Macie’s mom says Macie usually wears headphones to football games because of noise. She hasn’t needed them since. Her mother says she’s gained confidence with some new friends to be by her side.

“I’m a cheerleader and I’ve always wanted to be one,” said Macie Turner.

James Clemens team captain says its moments like this that share what team spirit is all about.

“I’m so glad we got to like make her night and everything. She’s our number one fan,” said Rogers.

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