TONEY, Ala. (WHNT) — Residents say an intersection in Madison County has been the subject of multiple accidents in recent months.

The number of collisions has residents worried about traveling safely through that intersection.

Sean Chapman faces the intersection of Monroe and Mt. Lebanon Road. He says alterations to the two roads could prevent severe accidents.

“Make it where all lanes or all directions have to stop where people aren’t blowing the intersection,” Chapman said.

The intersection currently only has stop signs posted on two directions of the four-way intersection.

Although many residents have called for safer travel, there has been no word from local lawmakers about any potential changes.

However, Madison County District Commissioner Tom Brandon provided a statement for News-19.

“We continue to try to make each intersection as safe as possible,” Brandon said.

Commissioner Brandon also said that flashing lights were added to the stop signs to help make sure drivers do not miss them.