Insanity Complex will sanitize the wheels on your rollerblades as they reopen Friday

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MADISON, Ala. – The Insanity Complex, a large multi-dimensional entertainment venue opened Friday night following Governor Ivey’s amended Safer at Home Order.

The complex says every entertainment element will be sanitized, sanitized and sanitized again while the activities themselves also observe social distancing.

Some arcade games will be off limits to ensure social distancing. The ones that are “out of order” one day will be back in service the next day to ensure a healthy and fun rotation.

Laser Tag will games will be smaller and the time between games will differ to allow for better cleaning of the vests.

The rock wall will be closed because of the constant surface contact and proximity issues between guests and staff.

Between mini-golf and rollerskating, the Insanity Complex plans to sanitize every element.

“All of the skates have been completely sanitized. From the wheels to the laces to the skates. When you are done skating, you will turn them back in. The employees will sanitize them and wait a couple of hours before they go back to inventory,” said Brenda Buschman, the General Manager of the Insanity Complex.

Plexiglass will separate guests and employees working counter areas while guests will also see plenty of tape to direct the flow of traffic and remind people to social distance.

Management says they are trying everything they can to be safe. They hope the community does their part and practices social responsibility.

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