Historic Madison Gazebo gets a holiday makeover

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MADISON, Ala. – The Madison Gazebo, a fixture in downtown Madison since 1992, is getting a holiday face-lift.

“I’m free today,” Madison resident Dominique Johnson. “This is a perfect way to spend my time.”

Johnson was unraveling Christmas lights, a holiday staple that she said she loves.

“I tried to hang some lights and garland myself at home around our front door,” said Johnson. “I think the wind got it.”

Johnson wasn’t unraveling Christmas lights at home Wednesday afternoon. She was at the Madison Gazebo giving it a makeover with help from the Madison Visionary Partners group.

“It was looking a little run down,” Madison Visionary Partners executive director Elizabeth Brinton.  “So we decided to ask PPG, one of the world’s largest paint companies, if they would help us renovate and paint the downtown gazebo.”

The historic gazebo in Madison got a fresh coat of paint in time for the Christmas season.

“This is two days of work and you have something that will last for 20 years in your community,” said Brinton. Madison Visionary Partners and PPG teamed up to beautify the 27-year-old gift to the city.

“I think it’s important that people get out of their house, get out of home, and just get out and do something in the community,” said Johnson.

The work is easy. “Step by step,” said Brinton. “Project by project — we’re gonna make life better in Madison.”

The gazebo project is just the first among many makeovers Madison Visionary Partners has planned for the city. PPG put up $6,000 to help the City of Madison beautify its downtown gazebo.

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