Funky Monkey store closes, checks to vendors bounce

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MADISON, Ala. – A popular vintage store along US-72 is now closed. Funky Monkey is known for selling craft goods made by artists around north Alabama but many of those vendors say they haven’t been paid in over a month. On Tuesday, the Madison County tax office hung a notice at the Madison store, saying the owners owed just over $50 since the store was closing. Right now, the owners of Funky Monkey, Mark and Jennifer Grasham, appear to be in the midst of a bitter divorce. What you see outside Funky Monkey in Madison are goods being sold by Avant Designs owner Matt Davies, who paid rent through the end of the month. “Basically, everything you see outside is ours,” Davies said. Davies doesn’t normally consider himself a full-time salesman. “This store has done so well for us and it’s a big part of our business,” Davies said. He’s got a parking lot worth of inventory in a prime location, less than a week after getting a piece of bad news. “The manager called all of the vendors, and said, there’s no money in the account and all of the vendors need to come and get their stuff by the end of the day,” Davies said. Vendors who sold goods at Funky Monkey on Highway 72 are loading up and moving out, leaving Davies managing the lot, selling what he can. “Most of the checks had bounced that were given out, unfortunately,” Davies said. “We’re used to working in the rain, working in the sun. When you run a farm, that’s what you do.”
In a divorce filing in Colbert County, Jennifer Grasham is seeking ownership of both the Muscle Shoals and Madison stores. In the filing, Jennifer claims her husband was having an affair and changed the locks on the Muscle Shoals location. She also stated she believed he was purposefully attempting to ruin the Muscle Shoals store. In a response filed in court, Mark Grasham denied those claims. For now, the store remains closed, Davies and other vendors aren’t sure for how long. “The best case scenario right now, I think would be one of the former vendors taking over the store,” Davies said. One vendor tells WHNT News 19 they were told to hang onto the checks they were given if a loan to the owner is approved. So far, the owners have not commented on what will happen to the stores next.

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