LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. – With temperatures expected to dip into the twenties on Monday night folks in the Swancott Road area are asking for help to restore the power.

Thousands of homes were without power after the snowstorm caused widespread outages scattered across Limestone County.

Many residents are discouraged and searching for answers. 

“We need some help out here, it’s too cold to be without heat,” said Lena Andrews who lives on Swancott Road. 

Andrews and her family have been without heat and hot water since midnight.  

Andrews said, “It happens often, not just when we have ice but when we have storms and heavy rains.”

You could hear the all-too-familiar sound of gas-powered generators coming from some homes on Swancott Road, an area according to residents, that gets hit the hardest during storms.

City of Athens Utilities reported that around 12:45 a.m. Monday morning the transformer at Greenbrier station was struck by lightning during the snowstorm, leaving 3,500 customers without power.

“It happens frequently. Not just when it’s cold, it can happen when it rains. Something needs to be done about the power situation. I don’t know if they need upgrades or what but it’s time to make a change for us out here on Swancott Road. We are a growing area and there’s no reason for us to be without utilities,” Andrews said. 

Andrews and her family as well as other folks here have left their homes until the power is restored as crews work to repair the damage from the snowstorm.

Athens Utilities reported that 1,500 customers were still without power as of 10 p.m. Monday.