Flood waters strand Madison County driver, delays others’ work routines


Wilson Mann Road flooding

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – We say it all the time: turn around, don’t drown. During this Thursday morning’s flooding, some drivers made that their motto, while others suffered some consequences.

Daniel Taylor tried to tough it out as he drove through Madison County early in morning.

“I really noticed the curb was bad back there,” Taylor recalled. “I started kind of creeping through that. But, it was raining so hard, I couldn’t really see how bad it was. Made it though there, came through there, right around those cars where those cars are back there was pretty bad too.”

Unfortunately, his plan didn’t work, and his Ford Fusion got stuck in the water.

“I was kind of too far into it to back out then,” Taylor explained.

To the east of the county in New Market, Nick Menzel waited for the water to recede.

“There’s nothing we can do,” Menzel said. “We have to wait until the water goes down, then see the damage, and then repair the damage, see all the ditches, see all the canals, and see the crop.”

Menzel farms watercress near Old Mount Fork Road in New Market. He and his fellow co-workers watched as other drivers tried their luck on the flooded roads.

“If you see him, he’s going to turn around because this here’s a little bit more up,” Menzel said while watching a car make it through a flooded road. “That’s the reason because he is going to go down.”

As for Taylor, he’s sending everyone this reminder.

“Pay very close attention, because I had no idea there was that kind of water on the road. Next thing I know, I’m stuck in it,” Taylor said.