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MADISON, Alabama – The family of Dana Fletcher says they want the truth and they do not believe they are getting the answers they need from Madison Police. The Fletcher family says they are disappointed in how tight-lipped the police department has been during the investigation.

The family addressed the media for the first time on Monday. During a press conference, they explained the lengths they have gone to, to get more information from the police.

They say they want to watch the body cam footage and the public should know the identities of the officers involved in the shooting.

When police approached the Fletcher’s van, civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump says the family had no idea why officers we were there.

“They didn’t know why the police came upon them with guns drawn, pointed at her head, and her husband’s head, while their eight-year-old daughter was sitting in the back seat,” said Crump.

The Madison County Sheriff’s office investigated the shooting and says Dana Fletcher had a gun and pointed it at officers.

The family does not believe he should have been shot by police.

“They did not handle this properly and the only distinction I can draw is that it is because they devalue what they saw in that van,” Dana Fletcher’s sister, Shayla Fletcher.

The family wants to see police body camera footage and will settle for seeing it in private.

“I think releasing it to the public is something different than releasing it in a limited environment to the family. That should still be something that is doable by the powers that be that claim they can’t release it. Show us what’s on the tape as a showing of good faith,” Shalya Fletcher said.

During an interview after the press conference, a WHNT reporter inquired if the family had asked to view the video.

“Do you think this family hasn’t asked the police for the video,” Crump asked.

A representative from the city released a statement to WHNT Tuesday saying, “The family has requested the video through its attorney, and the city will respond to the request after the District Attorney`s office completes its review.”

The Fletchers believe the way to get the truth is by seeing the video.

“The family can handle the truth, the question is can the Madison Police Department handle the truth?” Crump said.

The family also wants to see surveillance video and hear the 911 call the prompted police to respond in the first place.