MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — On Friday, the new roundabout at Jordan Road and Homer Nance Road in Madison County officially opened.

The roundabout allows drivers to continue on Jordan Road along the curve, exit onto Homer Nance Road or exit to Tanglefoot Drive.

Madison County Commissioner Craig Hill said he is excited to bring some safety to the busy intersection.

“You know, all traffic studies show roundabouts are a really safe way to manipulate intersections, so we think it’s a good project and we’re excited about the opening,” said Hill.

Commissioner Hill said the roundabout has been in the works for about six years — but he isn’t too worried about folks not using it correctly.

“The signage is good, we have the markings on the asphalt that’s good, so if people pay attention to those two, take their time through it, it’s going to be good,” he explained.

However, News 19 spoke with a woman who lives in the neighborhood nearby. She said some of her neighbors are worried.

“In general, people are concerned about others not knowing how to use the roundabout, uh, using it improperly,” said Allis Jordan.

Jordan said while that is the general neighborhood consensus, she has high hopes for the roundabout.

“I generally think that people will know how to use it, but we’ll just have to see,” Jordan said.

Madison County shared the graphic below to make sure drivers understand the proper flow of traffic.

Credit: Madison County

A fact sheet provided by Madison County showed roundabouts provide a 39% reduction in total crashes and a 90% reduction in serious injury/fatal crashes.

Jordan said there have been several occasions where there have been accidents in the intersection, before the installation of the roundabout.

“The intersection had some really deep ditches nearby, that people were having accidents and falling into,” Jordan said. “So the fact that those have been covered up, and you know, we’ve got some guardrails now, I think it’s going to be a much safer intersection.”

She also said she hopes it improves the flow of traffic at the intersection, which has seen an increase in traffic since her family moved into their home in 2014.

“We’ve had some issues in the evenings, you know, five o’clock rush hour specifically, with people trying to make a left-hand turn at the intersection, and that causing traffic to really back up with it being a two-lane road,” Jordan said. “I’m hoping that the continuous flow of traffic will kind of ease that pressure on the intersection.”

The project finished ahead of schedule after breaking ground in June of 2022.