Fire officials say there is a safe way to dispose of used fireworks

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MADISON, Ala. – In the process of cleaning up your fireworks debris, it’s almost second nature to just sweep everything into a trash bag.

But fire officials with Madison Fire and Rescue say there are steps you need to take before doing that.

“So the general rule of thumb is to make sure we are getting a big bucket of water and we’re soaking our used and unused fireworks in that bucket of water overnight,” explained Michael Sedlacek.

Madison Fire said to make sure those fireworks are completely saturated.

There’s one more step to follow before throwing them in the garbage.

“We want to put them inside of a plastic bag and double wrap that plastic bag up and once you do that, it’s safe to dispose of the normal way that you would dispose of anything else,” he added.

For those planning to shoot more fireworks, Madison Fire says to be careful.

“We want to make sure those individuals decide to use them after the fourth are still being safe,” explained Sedlacek. “Don’t try to handle them. Shoot them in the correct way that they are meant to be shot from the manufacturer.”

Fire officials also want to remind you that no child should ever be left unattended around any source of fire Not even small fireworks.

“Sparklers can burn up to three thousand degrees even for something as simple a sparkler. That’s well within the realm to inflict a burn on someone, especially a child,” he explained. “So we want to make sure we’re always using them in a safe manner and with adult supervision.”

Shooting fireworks is not legal everywhere. If you’re planning to do so, make sure it is legal your area.

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