Fire and Rescue teams are prepared for flooding emergencies

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MADISON, Ala. – With all the rain falling on already saturated ground, rescue teams in the area prepped and ready to run on flooding emergencies.

Madison Fire & Rescue crews already inflated their boat and packed their bags.

“We have to know what’s going on in our city,” said Captain Michael Sedlacek, “What roads are flooding, what roads are prone to flood.”

The garage was filled with gear. Whenever there’s a Flood Watch in the Tennessee Valley, Madison Fire & Rescue workers lay out their equipment. The team is ready at a moment’s notice.

“There’s no preparation that’s needed,” said Sedlacek.

Prepping now means less time getting to a rescue, no matter if it’s a smaller car or an SUV.

“We sometimes get overconfident when we’re in a vehicle,” said Sedlecek.

More than anything, the captain said the department sees drivers get in trouble when they ignore flooding barricades.

“If the road is closed, obey that sign and find another way around,” said Sedlacek.

Madison Fire & Rescue said its crews will also be available to assist surrounding counties and volunteer departments that are in need of emergency backup.

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