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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) – Fans said that a Trash Pandas game took a scary turn Friday night as several fireworks shot toward the crowd.

“I was a little scared, but my dad told us what to do,” said Tinley Newton, a young fan at the game. “He helped us through it. My thoughts were just that we need to make sure everybody’s okay, and we need to hopefully get the fireworks calmed down.”

Tinley and her dad, Ryan Newton, were enjoying their first Trash Pandas game from the Berm, a grassy hill near the first baseline. When fireworks launched in their direction, they said they didn’t have a lot of time to react.

“I thought, from my experience with doing fireworks that I’ve bought and things, that if a launch tube has fallen over, it’ll shoot sideways and things like that,” said Ryan Newton.

Roman candle fireworks shoot towards the crowd at Trash Pandas game

Despite the confusing and hectic situation, Newton said Trash Pandas staff reacted quickly to the situation.

“Afterwards, it seemed like fairly quickly that it happened that the staff from the stadium rushed in and helped anyone, still as it was kind of going off, they were there to try and help people get out of the way,” Newton said. “It was a fairly quick response from them.”

The Newton’s said their experience with the firework show has not deterred them, and they will be back to watch future games at Toyota Field.

Trash Pandas management said the fireworks that veered off course were Roman candles, set up upside down, but the mistake will not keep future shows from happening. In preparation for Saturday’s game, management said they worked with the contractor in charge of the fireworks show to ensure it will be safe in the future.

“It’s still on,” said Trash Pandas General Manager Garrett Fahrmann. “We’re going to take some precautions. We’re going to take out the Roman candles that were installed upside down last night, so we’ll have a fireworks show, just without the Roman candles.”

A security guard working the game was hit by a firework. He was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and later released. Fahrmann said he was back at work on Saturday.

Saturday’s firework show took place without incident.