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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) — A group of Midtown Elementary School students studying the aerodynamics of helicopters got to get outside of the classroom and see not one, but two helicopters on Tuesday.

The school’s resource officer heard what the students were learning and decided to call a few connections to see if a helicopter come visit the school.

A search & rescue helicopter with the Alabama State Troopers and an Air-Evac medical helicopter were able to show up for the surprise.

The students were able to look into the helicopters and see the real-life version of what they had been learning about in class. They were also able to learn about what they do in a day and how the helicopters help the teams do their jobs.

The students showed the pilots the paper helicopters that they planned to use in an experiment, only to be surprised by the real thing. The students cheered and waved to the pilots as they were leaving.

It’s safe to say, this science lesson may just be these 4th graders’ favorite lesson ever.