Do you know where your polling place is? Madison residents encouraged to check now

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MADISON, Ala. – Election officials in Madison want voters who are planning to hit the polls on September 10 for a vote on a property tax referendum to know where their polling place is.

They said this week that they want to remind people that 10,990 voters in Madison have two polling places listed on their voter card: one for county/state/federal elections and one for city/municipal elections. That means, if you look at your voter card, you might see two locations listed. City officials want you to know where to go.

“With referendum elections, there is a lower turnout, but we want everybody to make sure they are going to the right place. We don’t want them to be frustrated and decide not to vote,” said Melanie Williard, Madison City Clerk-Treasurer. “The top location is where you’re going to vote for your county, state, and federal election. And then the bottom one that says City is where you’re going to vote for any municipal election. Whether it’s the ad valorem election or whether it’s the mayor-council election next year.”

The upcoming vote in Madison is on September 10.

Madison City Schools said it needs this because enrollment is growing. It needs to build a $34 million new elementary school, an estimated $49 million middle school, and it needs millions more for additions to high schools and more staff.

The property tax proposed is a 12-mill ad valorem tax increase, equivalent to $1.20 for each $100 of assessed value of taxable property. The school system breaks down what that cost could look like for your family here at this link.

The vote is only for Madison residents in both Madison and Limestone counties. Williard said 39,000 people are registered to vote in Madison, and now is the time to register if you are eligible and haven’t yet.

“If you’re turning 18 between now and Election Day, you can go ahead and register to vote and on your 18th birthday or somewhere close to your 18th birthday, your voter card will be sent out so you’ll be registered to vote. As long as you’re 18 on or before September 10,” Williard said.

Madison has voter registration information available at this link, and voter information including deadlines here.

If you’re unsure of where to go, misplaced your voter card, or have questions you can call the Madison City Clerk’s office, or check with the Board of Registrars.

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