Did you lock your vehicle? You might want to check

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) – Quick! Did you lock the doors to your vehicle when you got home this evening? Most of the time, the action is so automatic, you cannot remember if you did it.

You are going to want to take the time, though, to make sure you did – especially if you live in the Madison area.

“What we would like to do is caution people to take a few extra seconds, take a deep breath, is my car locked, are all of my valuables out of it,” said Madison Police Captain John Stringer.

He said vehicle break-ins are once again spiking in this summer heat.

The Madison Police Department has responded to several calls in the last week. In most cases, Stringer said the vehicles were left unlocked and valuables were left inside.

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"The truth is we should be able to park our vehicles on our own property and leave the windows down and the doors unlocked and nobody come up and mess with it," said Stringer. "Unfortunately we don't live in that world and we have to take certain measures to safeguard our own property and protect ourselves."

We have all made this simple mistake.

"Sometimes it's because your arms are full, it's the rush of life, you've been at work all day, it's hot, you want to get out, you want to get inside, you're dealing with children, you've been to the grocery store, there's any number of things that could influence that," he said.

So, if you are guilty of not locking your doors, don't feel bad. This is just your friendly reminder.

"Sometimes, we need to be reminded of the things that we already know," said Stringer, "to take that extra second to lock up your doors, hit the key fob and make sure that your vehicle is protected."

Stringer also added that if you do happen to see someone breaking into your vehicle, call your local law enforcement agency and make sure you stay on the phone. Be a good witness and provide the dispatchers with a detailed physical description. Most importantly, do not confront the person.

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