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MADISON, Ala.– Family members of a man fatally shot by Madison Police last October have filed a notice of claim, this comes after asking for the body camera footage to be released more than once.

Dana Fletcher’s family, along with supporters, continue to demand the release of all body camera footage, as well as the release of the 911 call that brought police to the Planet Fitness parking lot where he was ultimately shot and killed.

More than a dozen people attended the Madison City Council meeting on Monday, asking city leaders for transparency.

“Why can’t the family see the body camera footage? What’s stopping you from showing them?” said a young man who stood to speak.

The Fletcher family said they have filed several formal and informal requests to view the body camera footage and they were formally denied.

“Why we can’t see the body camera footage? Why it’s not even being released to the family? Why they’re getting no information?” said a young female supporter.

Several people used their time before the council to take a moment of silence for Dana Fletcher, but after three people stood silent speakers were asked to forego the extra time and only make a statement.

“If we can kind of forego the moment of silence from this point forward. And just make your statement because we do have city business we need to address as well,” said council president Steve Smith.

City officials tell WHNT News 19 they can’t speak on the body camera footage due to pending litigation. Mayor Finley briefly addressed the situation.

“Twenty-one days after that situation the district attorney gave his report. And while it didn’t give body cam, he gave all the information that in turn was used to talk about our officers having to act in self-defense, and it now moves to a civil trial,” said Finley.

Madison Police have yet to release any video of the incident but did release still images that they say show Fletcher holding a gun.

Family and supporters dispute various claims made by law enforcement and believe they are not getting the full picture.