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MADISON, Ala. – Madison City Schools announced there was a cyberattack on their systems Thursday.

“We were able to at this time, thwart that… although we know these types of attacks are out there all the time for districts, and hospitals and other agencies,” says Superintendent Ed Nichols.

According to Superintendent Ed Nichols, on the afternoon of April 29th a threat protection system alerted the Technology team to a potential security threat. They pulled their critical systems offline to begin analyzing the threat.

Nichols said that the Technology team spent the weekend looking through everything and they believe that there was an attempt to lock the School’s system and hold it for ransom.

“The good news is they weren’t able to lock us down. They did not get any data from us to our knowledge,” says Nichols.

Madison City Schools said they have no evidence that any data or personal information was compromised.

Nichols says school staff and parents may see down time this week while they upgrade impacted systems.

“We are in the process right now of having to rebuild some servers, use our backups, redo some files those types of things but the extent of the impact across the district is probably far less,” says Nichols.

The district alerted law enforcement to the attempted attack and will continue to investigate.

Huntsville City Schools faced a ransomware attack in the winter of 2020 that kept students and teachers from using technology until the issue was resolved. Nichols says fortunately, Madison City Schools recently buttoned up cyber security across the district.

“Our technology department was very proactive back in the fall to come to the Board of Education and myself and request some new equipment and also some partnerships with companies that do this kind of work,” says Nichols.