Crews remove tree that split Madison home in two

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MADISON, Ala. – A Madison home on Pine Ridge Road now wears the scars of Saturday’s storms. The home was split in two after a tree crashed into it. A tree at least 100 feet tall ripped the home apart.

“We were called out on this job Saturday evening,” said Rocket City Tree Service Foreman Jody Moon. Strong winds and tornadoes hit the Tennessee Valley that day.

“When the tree hit the house, it hit all… not only the decking, but it broke most of the framing in the roof,” Pro Building Production Manager William Umbarger said.

The Rocket City Tree Service started chopping pieces of the fallen tree on Sunday.

“Everything that fell… green, healthy as it could be. It’s such powerful straight-line winds,” said Moon.

The winds were strong enough to make the house unlivable. The family was notified to not live in the home because it’s been deemed structurally unsafe.

“They had to cut all the power and everything,” said Moon.

The Willis family didn’t feel comfortable going on camera to talk about what happened. They say they were waiting out the storm when they heard the sound of a “pop.”

All five family members were in the home, along with their two dogs and two cats. No one was hurt.

“We got rain coming the next three days, so we need to cover this up, so we’re trying to put some temporary walls up there to secure all that’s just dangling right now,” said Umbarger.

The family took cover in the garage.

“It’s a stroke of good luck that we didn’t get hurt,” Jamie Willis said.

The family is looking forward to rebuilding their home. That could take weeks or months to finish.

The family made a lot of posts throughout the neighborhood about their missing cat, Cocoa.  She was found Monday morning under a bed inside the home.

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