Couple wins ‘Teacher of the Year’ awards at Madison Schools

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MADISON, Ala. – Two teachers in Madison City were selected as teacher of the year at their schools. But being winners isn’t their only connection.

The two teachers are actually married.

Michael Kelley and his wife Anna Kelley not only share a love for education, but one another.

Anna is a first grade teacher at Madison Elementary.

Michael teaches third graders at Mill Creek Elementary.

They both pride themselves for innovative teaching styles and say it feels amazing to share this honor.

“He came to my school and they surprised me, and then I knew that I was going to his school but he didn’t know quite yet,” explained Anna Kelley. “So it was just a big surprise but we were both excited.”

“To win together it just shows that what we’re doing,” added Michael Kelley. “We’re in the right field and we’re doing what we’re called to do and I think that’s the big difference.”

Each teacher received a five hundred dollar check to spend however they’d like.


The couple says their love for education and bettering children has kept their love for one another strong.

Nine other teachers also received checks for teacher of the year awards.


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