Could Madison business owners be the next stars of TV?

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MADISON, Ala - The Tennessee Valley has become synonymous with NASA and engineers, but some small business owners could be changing that if they rocket into stardom.

The owners of Hammer and Sales, a locally owned construction, design and real estate business, made a pilot for the show 'Fixin' to Sell' which could air on HGTV.

People would never know driving on Burgreen Road that this house here on the corner is the site of a pilot that could be airing on national television.

"I never, ever thought that we would ever be approached for anything like this," Chelsea McKinney said.

Chelsea McKinney often used Facebook live to promote her house flipping business. She says that is what originally caught the eye of a production company last year.

What sank the hook to give Chelsea, her husband Ammon and Travis Boginski a pilot? "The dynamic between the three of us is pretty unique," Travis Boginski said.

Blood, sweat, and tears literally went into the making of this home's dramatic transformation last August. "My wife hit me between the eyes with a 2x4," Ammon McKinney said.

The transformation wasn't the only part of the process that was dramatic. Production presented its own challenges.

"We had to do this house in 16 days. That's not normal for us," Chelsea said. The normal process is about 5 weeks. A turnaround that caused some serious stress.

"Day one, four to five hours into shooting, I was frustrated, I didn't know what was going on, and I decided to basically quit. I don't want to do the show anymore," Travis Bogniski said.

On top of it, they had to get used to the camera crew.

"Walk through that door again, and then pause so we can change the camera angle, and then start walking again. It was just so incredibly unnatural," Chelsea said.

This team was made for TV. "This was a fantastic experience," Chelsea McKinney said.

They pressed on and completed the stunning renovations on time. Despite the wow factors and the team's hard work, the pilot is on pause

"I don't know if there is going to be an air date. There may be. Hopefully, there is," Boginski said.

They are hoping that this show is picked up so once in a lifetime experience can become an everyday reality; reality show that is.

Hammer and Sales is based in Madison. The McKinney family grew up there. All three of them hope if the pilot is picked up they can use the notoriety to give back to the community.

The episode is available to watch online on The team is hoping the more people who watch, the more likely it is the pilot will be picked up.

You can watch the Hammer and Sales crew give live updates about their current project on their Facebook page.