Confusion remains over how to register for COVID-19 vaccine at smaller pharmacies


MADISON, Ala. – As state health officials continue to report a shortage of COVID-19 vaccines, some Alabamians have begun “vaccine hunting” across the State. Small independently-owned pharmacies are now offering the vaccine, but the waitlist registration process varies by store.

The ADPH vaccine registration portal only lists which pharmacies are offering the vaccine, and many small independent pharmacies say they have not had the opportunity yet to create registration portals on their websites. At Madison Health Mart Pharmacy, staff say they are allowing people to get on their waitlist by calling or submitting their name, phone number, age, job, and any relevant high-risk preconditions through the site’s generic contact form. Those who are not yet eligible for the vaccine may also pre-register on the waitlist.

“Right now, we’re doing it so anyone can sign up, regardless of if you’re eligible currently or not, and then we have them color-coded by the phases, and then, we go down the line and see which phases are eligible right now and we call them in that order,” said Madison Health Mart Pharmacist Jillian Lann.

But Lann warned, not all pharmacies have the same procedures, so it’s best to call each individually.

“I suggest people get on multiple waitlists because it is so hard to figure out when we are going to get the vaccine,” said Lann.

Lann’s only request is that those who sign up to multiple waitlists, notify the other pharmacies if they have succeeded in getting the vaccine so that they can be removed from their lists.

So far, Lann says Madison Health Mart Pharmacy has administered 200 first doses of the Moderna vaccine, is expecting a shipment of second doses Friday, and has placed an additional order for 1,200 more shots.

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