MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) – The city of Huntsville has been named as the fastest-growing city but with innovative developments and groundbreaking projects, the city of Madison is making its own mark in North Alabama.

New businesses are opening throughout the market, but Clift Farm on Highway 72 is experiencing what is being described as a business explosion. 

The previous owner, Jack Clift, passed away two years ago but had hoped to continue the family farming business that had been around since the 1800s. If Clift were alive today, he would see very little farming in the area. 

“Before he passed, Mr. Clift was out here every day to put his finger on the project, so we had his blessing,” said Breeland Companies President Joey Ceci.  

Clift sold the 560 acres to master developer Louis Breeland in 2017 with the agreement that Breeland would develop something that would involve the community. Much like Clift farms have done for centuries.  

What Breeland has developed has opened some eyes. What used to be fields and crops in the area is now becoming a city within a community. If you’re traveling down Highway 72 in Madison between Wall Triana Boulevard and Balch Road, you’ll see what is being called a commercial explosion. 

“This was just a great location especially some of the things that are newer to town to kind of come in and start doing business here such as Jonathan’s being new to here and Culvers is new to the area so, it’s one of these newer concepts we are working with,” said Ceci. 

In the next few weeks to several months, there will be 10 to 12 new businesses opened, in addition to several new housing complexes. Maple Street Biscuit Company by Cracker Barrel, Jim N’ Nicks BBQ, and Starbucks are expected to open within the month of march just to name a few.

Slim Chicken, Jonathan’s and Publix Supermarket have been in the area for 5 years but with the development of the new structures, Jerry McBride of Sheffield says he nearly passed by the supermarket more than once. 

“My wife and I were coming up here to do some shopping and as I was coming up Highway 72 I almost missed the Publix here with all the building going on,” said McBride. “I remember as a kid when Huntsville wasn’t much at all and how fast it had grown in such a short little while. But now Madison is growing just as fast.” 

Ceci told News 19 that Clift Farm development is part of a 10-year plan to make the area a hub of the Madison community.