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MADISON, Ala. – The city of Madison could be getting a Police Citizens Advisory Committee in 2021. The Madison Police Department hopes the committee will bring more transparency and open communication between the police and the public.

“The advisory council will facilitate transparency obviously but it will also act as an advisory capacity regarding relevant community issues and facilitate communication between the police and the community,” says Major John Stringer.

Major John Stringer says they hope the committee will provide input to the police department.

“Development of our programs, our policies, our philosophies on policing and how we interact with the community,” said Stringer.

Stringer said this will also be a tool to help educate the public

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for it to be able to help educate our citizens regarding police responsibilities,” said Stringer.

The committee will as allow citizens voices to be heard.

“Provides our citizens at all levels an opportunity to participate in procedural justice so that people feel they have been treated fairly they’ve been heard that they have voice with the police department,” says Stringer.

The proposed makeup is a nine member committee serving in four year terms with one individual from each council district nominated by their council member, one person nominated by the mayor and one by the police chief.

The idea of a Madison Police Citizens Advisory Council was introduced during a city council work session on January 20th but its still in the early phases of development.

The proposal is set to be introduced before the council at its meeting on February 8th and the application process to find committee members could be open as early as march, if this is approved by council.