MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) — Employees at Champy’s in Madison typically spend a shift serving up fried chicken and sweet tea. However, a lunch shift on Wednesday, October 5th, was much more exciting.

General Manager, Jenny Helfert, said a male customer alerted a host that there was an unresponsive man in the bathroom.

“One of our hostesses came running into the kitchen saying that there was a man passed out on the men’s bathroom floor,” Helfert said.

Server, Meghan Williams said, “I was coming from a table needing to refill pitchers, she zoomed past me and said ‘someone call 911.'”

“I ran into the bathroom and immediately called 911,” Helfert said.

Williams started CPR on the man.

A task that came easy to her.

“I attended Grissom and attended the tech school there, I learned CPR and a few other certifications,” Williams said. “Later, I became a CNA, and then before the pandemic, I got my Phlebotomy certification,” she added.

She said she immediately sprung into action. “I clocked in as a server that day, but caregiver I think I will forever have that in me,” Williams said.

She said they didn’t think twice about jumping in.

Williams said Helfert is kind of like her ‘work mom.’ “She’s [Helfert] very caring about all of us, the staff here, myself as well, I have a very caring nature, so I think it was pretty easy for the both of us to spring into action when someone is needing help.”

The employees learned later that the man had a heart attack.

They were relieved to get a phone call from his family on Saturday, to update them on the situation.

“It was a relief to us to know that he was okay,” Helfert said.

“They told us that he was doing well, and I’m very grateful for that” Williams said.

Helfert said she actually got to talk to the man over the phone, too.

“It was great to hear his voice,” she said.

She said she can’t wait until the man has recovered and can go back to the restaurant for a meal.

She joked that a salad would probably be best for the man after the heart attack, but, “I mean if he orders fried chicken, I’m not going to deny the man fried chicken.”

News 19 has reached out to the family of the man. However, we have not heard back at this time.