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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) — Several women went to a workout class at their gym on Monday morning, hoping to get in a good workout and get their week started on the right foot. Instead, they left the gym and found their car windows smashed in, and items were taken.

“You just don’t ever think that’s going to happen to you,” said Shannon Bradford, one of the women who reported a car break-in.

She said she attended the 5 a.m. workout class at Burn Boot Camp Madison. Bradford said another class member first saw the smashed windows, and went back in and alerted the other gym members.

“I went outside and sure enough my entire window was gone and my purse was taken from my car,” Bradford said.

She said the whole thing was very stealthy, saying the class was working out right on the other side of a wall of glass windows from where the smash and grabs happened.

“I think there were about six of us that had the same thing happen and no alarms went off, we were right directly inside the building and no one saw anything or heard anything,” she continued.

Another woman reached out to News 19, saying her car was among those with its window smashed in.

She said her purse was stolen, which contained a sizable amount of cash. She also told News 19 she received a call from her bank on Tuesday afternoon, saying someone attempted to access her account.

Thankfully, she was able to stop the transaction from happening.

Huntsville Police said it is investigating the incident; however, they did urge people against leaving valuable items out in the open and accessible in their cars.

“These are usually crimes of opportunity, so they are really quick with whatever they see is visible and they know what they’re going for, it’s an easy target” said Rosalind White, a spokesperson for Huntsville Police.

White also gave an extra warning to gym goers, who may attend classes where the schedule is posted to the public.

She said potential thieves could target them.

“They know that if there is a gym, that there are classes going on so it’ll be a while before they return to their car,” White said.

Bradford said she realizes she “you should never leave your purse in the car [but] we feel like we live in a safe area, it was in a well-lit parking lot too, so you just never think it’s going to happen to you until it does.”

When News 19 interviewed Bradford on Tuesday, her window was being replaced. While the window is replaceable, not everything was able to be replaced.

News 19 asked Bradford what she would say to the thieves if they were watching.

“I hope you enjoy my really expensive sunglasses and my brand new glasses that I just got,” she laughed.

News 19 also reached out to Madison Police, who said recently they responded to a similar smash and grab at another gym in the area. Both agencies say they don’t believe the crimes are connected.