Bob Jones High School alum gives back to freshman

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MADISON, Ala. – The story of two strangers who met on a high school football field are inspiring people across the world the give back.

Bob Jones High School alumnus Brandon Alexander came to the school practice field Sunday to work out. He says he saw a bunch of kids doing what he used to do when he was in high school. They were practicing, on their off day, just to get better technique.

One of those high schoolers was freshman Tucker LeCompte.

“He came up when we were running 40s and he wanted to run some 40s with us,” said Tucker. “He was helping us, and while we were running the shuttles, I didn’t have any cleats and I was slipping a lot.”

Brandon told Tucker next time he comes out to practice, he should bring cleats.

“He unselfishly said: ‘I got four other siblings, I can’t ask my parents for cleats,’ said Brandon. “I was like, ‘I’ll be right back.’ I walked to my trunk, wrapped them in a hoodie.”

Brandon walked back to his car where he had an extra pair of cleats in his trunk. They were a size 10, which were also Tucker’s shoe size.

Brandon wrapped the cleats in his jacket and walked back to the field, where he began filming on his cell phone.

“They’re all yours, big dog,” said Brandon. “All you got to do — you can’t quit on football.”

Tucker said when he opened the jacket and saw the cleats, it was a great moment. “Made my day, made the week,” said Tucker.

The video was posted on Twitter and has been viewed over 16,000 times.

Brandon said he was just glad to give back to a guy who has the same passion for football as him.

“Having my ups and downs, living with my friends, living out of my car, living anywhere… it really breaks you or makes you,” said Brandon.

No matter what people go through, to unselfishly give, can create a movement. People are reaching out to Brandon, saying he’s inspired them. And now, Brandon and Tucker are asking for others to give back.

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