MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) — The new year is bringing “big things” to the City of Madison, according to Mayor Paul Finley.

Finley told News 19 the city’s game plan for 2023 comes with strategic growth and public safety in mind.

He says he expects the job market to continue expanding too — meaning road structure and development will be a necessity. He said Madison residents should expect more roundabouts on busy roadways and extended lanes.

From concrete to the classroom, Finley says with a new middle school coming on board, they’re ahead of the game to help traffic run smoothly for those families and students.

“We continue in the Tennessee Valley area to be successful with growth,” Finley said. “People will continue to come here because jobs are plentiful. In Madison, it’s making sure it’s controlled growth. We’re not afraid to grow, we just want to do it in a way that makes sense.”

Finley says 2023 is also going to be a big year for business in Town Madison. Developmental projects, like Town Madison, are important to the city’s long-term success.

“Town Madison, again, two new hotels have already announced that they’re going to start building,” Finley continued. “Several restaurants continue to have either ribbon cuttings or groundbreakings, so you’ll continue to see a lot of activity there.”

Saza Serious Italian Food opened in Town Madison Tuesday. Four others are expected to open soon: Cava, Lola’s Cocina, Starbucks, and Walk Ons.

“Then the Trash Pandas continue to be very successful at the multi-use venue,” he said. “2023 in Town Madison — a very busy year.”

Finley mentioned there are at least four open positions available with the growing city.