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MADISON, Ala – As 2019 draws to an end, several Madison residents are showing their gratitude for local law enforcement.

The Madison Police Department says a local couple purchased Starbucks gift cards for every officer on the force. Another resident filled more than 100 gift bags full of food and comfort items. One man is even donating $1,000 to be spent on a bulletproof vest for the department.

“It’s very heartwarming to see the outpouring of love that citizens have for our department,” said Officer Teresa Taylor-Duncan of the Madison Police Department.

Many police officers work more hours around the holidays, making it harder to see their own families.

“We don’t get a lot of breaks. Just because it’s the holidays, law enforcement sometimes has to work even harder. As a testimony, today…we’ve had to shut down I-565 and we’ve had to shut down Slaughter Rd,” said Taylor-Duncan.

The department has 80+ sworn officers. Every single officer has received these gifts from the community.

“We are part of a big family and we are part of the bigger picture of Madison. What Madison is. What Madison stands for. The residents support us, we support them. It’s what family does,” said Taylor-Duncan.

Madison PD says gifts are great. However, there’s a really easy and cheap way to support local law enforcement.

“Wave at us on the street. Give us a thumbs up. Give us a positive honk of the horn, just to let us know you care,” said Taylor-Duncan.