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MADISON, Ala. – WHNT News 19 has obtained a copy of the police reports from the December 26th deadly shooting at a Sonic Drive-In in Madison.

According to the report, officers were sent out to the Sonic Drive-In on County Line Road just after 3 p.m. in reference to a possible shooting. When officers arrived, the report says they found 18-year-old Jason West lying on the pavement suffering from a gunshot wound to the chest. As officers approached, two males were trying to give first aid to West. Witnesses told police they heard a loud pop and when they looked up West said, “Help! I think I’ve been shot.” They immediately called for help and began first aid.

Jason West (family photo)
Jason West (family photo)

West was pronounced dead at 3:34 p.m.

Report: Evidence Retrieved from Victim

The report says an officer retrieved West’s belongings at Huntsville Hospital which included a black sock containing a white prescription bottle. The bottle was labeled “Alprazolam 1mg tablets” and was prescribed to someone other than West. That drug is commonly known as Xanax. The report states the bottle contained a plastic baggie with three blue pills marked with the symbol “Mylan A 1.” The officer’s report states HEMSI medical personnel confirmed this is the correct pill for the label.

Report: Review of Sonic Security Footage

Another Madison Police detective was called to the scene on Monday to investigate the shooting. His report states Sonic provided security footage for review. In the police report, the detective describes what he saw in the video, saying “West arrived as a passenger in a gray Volvo at 2:41 p.m. They parked next to the picnic table near the dumpster. West got out and walked across the field toward his house, which was in the nearby subdivision.”

According to the report, at 3:05 p.m. the security footage shows a beige Nissan Maxima pull up and park. At 3:10 p.m. West walks up to the Nissan’s driver door window. “After talking for a few minutes, West was shot in the chest. He jerked forward and clutched his chest suddenly,” falling against the picnic table, then to the ground. The Nissan pulled out immediately and left. Police say the license plate was only partially visible in the video. The report says the security footage did not show the driver nor the passenger due to glare on the windows.

Report: Parents Provide Cell Phone Log

The report indicates family members helped officers track down West’s last phone call. West’s phone was on a family plan, so his parents were able to pull up his call log. It showed he had made a call at 2:45 p.m.

The report says detectives tracked the last called number through Facebook to Trevor Cantrell. When the detective called the number, the report states someone identifying himself as Cantrell answered and admitted he saw who shot West. The detective asked to meet and Cantrell agreed to talk at the Walmart on Sparkman Drive. The police report states when they arrived, Cantrell and a female were by a beige Nissan Maxima.

Trevor Cantrell (Photo: Madison Police Department)

Report: Suspects – Trevor Cantrell & Dacedric Ward

During their questioning, they determined the car belonged to the girl. She told police there were no firearms in the car, but there was a box of bullets in the glove compartment. The detective searched the car and found a box of Winchester .25 automatic bullets. The girl claimed a friend had put them in the car a few weeks prior and that she did not know the friend’s name.

The girl told police her boyfriend, Dacedric Ward, had been driving the car earlier that day. The girl told police Ward was at work at the Wendy’s on Madison Boulevard. Police detained him there. The report indicates he was in possession of a bag of marijuana and a Xanax pill.

Dacedric Deshun Ward (Photo: Madison Police Department)
Dacedric Deshun Ward (Photo: Madison Police Department)

Report: Drug Deal, Robbery Set-up, Gangster Ambitions

Trevor Cantrell was brought to the station for questioning. The report indicates he told police he set up the meeting with West under the pretext that they would sell West 89 Xanax pills for $300. Cantrell told police they planned to rob West all along, but claimed he didn’t know Ward would shoot West.

Cantrell told police Ward drove them to the Sonic. The report says after West gave them $300, Ward pulled out the pistol and shot him. The report states Cantrell said Ward told him he “shot West so everyone would know he was a gangster.”

Cantrell then showed police $24 in his wallet. He says that’s what Ward paid him for setting up the robbery.

According to the report Ward’s story was very similar. He told police he drove himself and Cantrell to the Sonic so they could rob West. But, Ward’s statement to police, indicated Cantrell pulled out the pistol. Ward told police he took the pistol from Cantrell and shot West, but would not tell police why he shot him.

The report indicates officers obtained a search warrant for Cantrell and Ward’s home and found a gun, an RG .25 auto pistol, in a table next to Ward’s bed. A fired .25 auto shell casing was found in the Nissan Maxima. A bullet was recovered from West’s body during the autopsy.

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